Geve Com, one of the oldest Romanian suppliers of professional tools and protections equipment, felt the need of brand refresh and also, unification — the online business was called GTOOLS, thus the need to have one brand and one clear business.

The client came with it’s own new name and new brand positioning, while our job was finding a new visual identity.

The name tresa means braid in Romanian and it was inspired by the new business direction: to become the market leader for professional protection equipment.

Having already the name helped to have a clearer and shorter visual exploration period.

The final version of the logo is the sum of two elements: the horizontal lines that were inspired by the army braid and the overarching line that is the symbol of protection offered by the brand’s products.

There was also a need for signage to help customers reach the physical shop, considering the new visual elements.


Logo inspiration and building process

New vs. Old Logo - full lockup

Custom icons for the services

Website (live version: )

Website (live version: