High Class Group


High Class Group is a brand with a clear goal: to sell premium household items on Amazon. It started with a pet mat as a first product and it had a plan to diversify its offer in the following years.

Having such a straight forward brief I understood that the visual identity had to be clean, wity and premium.

The brandmark was a combination of a letterbased monogram and the company’s name set in Proxima Nova. The symbol is highly memorable and easily applicable on all sorts of materials. The font also helped the brand to communicate a modern and professional vibe.

The client was very satisfied with the visual form of the brand and whole visual identity really helped the company to grab a clear spot in the Amazon marketplace.

The logo

The main logo lockups, monogram and colors

Logo application - real photograph

Thank you card. Every customer receives one alongside the product.

Product tags - design

Product tags - real photographs

facebook page covers

Website (live version: