Mircea Burdușa and Elena Teșcanu, two young photographers started a new business venture and they needed a visual identity to communicate their brand.

The name was already chosen as it meant to represent their desire to convey in their photos emotions that bring your heart to 110 beats per minute when you see them after years.

I created a strong logo based around the simplest symbol of photography, a camera and a slab serif typeface that is easily remembered, Roboto Slab.

Blue was a suitable color for this project because it means trust and elegance, while the only other colors used were only black and white, a choice meant to emphasise the brand’s passion for minimalism and efficiency.

The founders were very satisfied with the result and started right away to create memories for their clients.

When we started the collaboration with Liviu we didn’t know exactly what we wanted for our brand identity. All we knew was it had to be minimalist and elegant. I was pleasantly surprised when Liviu showed us the drafts for the brand identity. It was better that we had hoped for. We warmly recommend Liviu’s services, because you will not be disappointed.
— Mircea Burdușa & Elena Teșcanu

The logo

The logo and the color scheme

Business cards


Promotional calendar

Flyer for event photography proposal

Flyer for corporate photography proposal

Rollup designs

Promotional flyer for event photography

Promotional flyer for corporate photography

Facebook covers for event photography

Facebook covers for corporate photography